Hak Yong Co is wholly owned by Chop Chiang Heng Pte Ltd, a well established and reputable rice importer and distributor in Singapore. Since its introduction in 1949 as a small provision shop in New Bridge Road, Hak Yong Co has expanded and grown rapidly, and is currently a leading rice distributor in Singapore.

Apart from the rice business, Hak Yong Co has expanded its business over the years to include other commodities such as sugar, flour, oil and salt.

With a rich history in the rice distribution business, Hak Yong Co has been trusted to play a key role in shaping the future of the rice industry in Singapore. We are a member of the Singapore General Rice Importers Association. Our Director is currently the Chairman of at the helm of the association.

As Chop Chiap Heng's flagship retail outlet, Hak Yong is engaged in the distribution of a wide range of products.

We are the sole distributor of the Sun Moon rice which is cultivated from the rich highlands of Thailand. This brand of rice promises excellent quality in texture and aroma.

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