Hak Yong Co's parent company, Chop Chiap Heng Pte Ltd's beginnings started from its humble roots in 1949 as a small provision shop located along North Bridge Road. After a successful year, Chop Chiap Heng was incorporated to oversee the import and distribution business in Singapore.

In the past, North Bridge Road was a prominent hub where traders and businessmen from all over the region came together for business dealings. Its location at the north of the Singapore River, was unique for its entrepot trade and the significant role it played in Singapore's transformation from a tiny "fishing village" to a world class trading hub.

Due to Hak Yong Co's strategic location in this centre of activity, it prospered through the year, leading to its impressive expansion. Its owner's decision to import additional commodities other than rice proved to be a forerunner of further growth for the company. These supplementary products include flour, sugar, oil and salt, which was in demand amongst the community.

Hak Yong Co owner's astute thinking helps the company to achieve a continuous strong foothold in the rice import industry. At the present moment, Hak Yong Co is a key member of the Singapore General Rice Importers Association.

Hak Yong Co is currently situated at Bizlink Singapore. Being recognized as one of the established rice importers in Singapore and with a history that is unparalleled to other companies in the similar industry, Hak Yong Co will continue to be the leading rice distributor in Singapore.

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